Yusaika Organic Drip Chicken Essence + ImmuGuard Probiotics+ Package

Yusaika Organic Drip Chicken Essence + ImmuGuard Probiotics+ Package

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【Yusaika ImmuGuard Probiotics+: Product Description】 

Your brand new, one stop solution for immune system is here. We proudly present to you: Yusaika ImmuGuard Probiotics+. With our customized probiotic’s formula, we elevate your immunity with ease, ultimately helping you to deal with the challenge from virus!

【ImmuGuard Probiotics+ :Product Features】
✨Completed clinical trials and authentic patented formula, proven solution for enhancing the immune system 
l Opting for WTO&EPO patented probiotics strains CECT 7315 & 7316*, originated from human, easier to colonize in our gut. Clinically proved 

✨Responding to the 3 main physiological process decreasing immunity 

l Reducing oxidative stress. Oxidative stress accelerates your ageing issue. By consuming ImmuGuard Probiotics+, you would be able to slow down the ageing process and therefore remain your immunity. 

l Balancing inflammatory pathways: Inflammation is actually a protective response of cells to the dangers of pathogen, infection or tissue damage. By taking ImmuGuard Probiotics+, you will be able modulate your cytokine to achieve an anti-inflammatory effect 

l Harmonizing our internal microbiome: The gastrointestinal tract, in fact, contributes up to 70% of our immune system activity. Digestion and metabolism are affected by the tract, too. Opting for ImmuGuard Probiotics+ allows you to adjust your gastrointestinal tract to enhance your immunity. 

✨Proven effectiveness on enhancing the immunity of the elderly 
l There are several clinical proofs supporting that ImmuGuard Probiotics+ can greatly increase the influenza-specific IgG & IgA within elderly. It can also invigorate the immune protection on influenza and allow the vaccine to better shelter the elderly. 

l Also, ImmuGuard Probiotics+ can improve the nutrient absorption of elderly and strengthen the immune system of elderly through adjusting the gastrointestinal tract 

✨Customized Probiotics for a better colonization