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  1. 當你開設會員帳戶後,每次於在楊秀惠美妝店Vivien Yeo's Beauty Store網上購物,都能獲得相等於該訂單款項的積分,留待下一次新訂單使用。
  2. 每100積分等同相應現金價值,能在本店用作兌換產品之用。每次購物最多可獲贈5000積分;而每張新訂單最多可使用5000積分,最少可用50積分。另外,當您介紹朋友來我們網站,或撰寫真實產品評價時,您亦有機會能獲得相應積分。
  3. 積分只能積存在會員帳戶中,不能兌換現金或轉讓給他人使用。若您未有開設會員帳號則無法獲得積分。
  4. 若積分是以不正當方式取得包括但不限於開分身帳戶以相互邀請方式或利用任何程式漏洞並在有合理疑點的情況下,Vivien Yeo's Beauty Store有權減去及取消相應積分而不另作通知。
  5. 如有任何爭議,Vivien Yeo's Beauty Store 持有最終決定權,不得異議。


  1. Every time you shop on Vivien Yeo's Beauty Store online, you will get the same amount of reward points for each dollar you spend! (Remarks: This promotion is only eligible to customers who opened up a member account before making purchase)
  2. You can earn up to 5000 points for each purchase, and every 100 points can be used as $1 cash in your next purchases. A maximum of 5000 points and a minimum of 50 points can be used for each purchase. Besides, You can also earn points by referring friends or writing genuine product reviews.
  3. Points can only be stored in your own member accounts; cannot be redeemed for cash or transfer to other accounts. You cannot earn points if you didn’t create member account in our website.
  4. If any cases regarding improper point collection is discovered with reasonable doubt (including but not limited to open up multiple Vivien Yeo's Beauty Store accounts and earn points by making invitation to the accounts unfaithfully created, or making use of system loopholes), Vivien Yeo's Beauty Store shall have the right to cancel and deactivate the improper points collected without further notice.
  5. Should any dispute arise, the decision of Vivien Yeo's Beauty Store shall be final.