Real User Experience: A Miss Shares Her Weight Loss Journey and Overcoming Lower Body Obesity


From the photos, it can be seen that Miss A had some excess fat on her arms, but her main concern was lower body obesity with most of the fat accumulating in her waist and hips. Who would want to live with a big belly, right? So Miss A started using CM LESS weight loss products last month.

After just one month, Miss A had good news to share - her weight had dropped from 65 kilograms to 63 kilograms. But more importantly, she had visibly improved the fat accumulation problem in her waist, abdomen, and hips!

She told us that she did not deliberately exercise during the weight loss process, but still managed to successfully shed fat. She was pleasantly surprised and looking forward to continuing to drink the product to see even more results!

(Note from the editor: We actually recommend incorporating moderate exercise for even better results!)

Therefore, when it comes to weight loss, don't just focus on the change in weight, changes in body shape are also super important! Don't give up just because you don't see a big decrease in weight. Persistence is key!

(Note from the editor: Everyone's body is different, so results may vary!)

What's Intense Plus++? What made it so effective?

Intense Plus++ is the best-selling slimming drink set in the CM Less slimming series. The formula for the CM Less slimming drinks contains patented ingredients at the national level, carefully formulated according to the physique and dietary habits of Asian people.

The set consists of 5 different slimming drinks, each with a specific function to solve different slimming problems.

Cleatox's Features

Drink in the morning or before bed to enhance the body's ability to clear toxins and stool.

X2-S's Features

Drink before meals to form a protective film that prevents fat formation and reduces sugar absorption.

SHAPE's Features

Drink during meals to absorb the oil from the food and prevent carbohydrates from turning into glucose, while also increasing fat burning speed.

Puf-X's Features

Simulates the lymphatic system to improve the body's water metabolism, flush out excess fluids, and achieve edema reduction

Pro-Actizyme's Features

Increases the supply of good bacteria in the body and reduces the number of bad bacteria, restoring the body's basic metabolic rate when young.


You can choose to use the single product that suits you or try using the set to start slimming. But we'll let you in on a little secret: many of our customers couldn't resist ordering the set after trying the single product! Not only is it effective, but it's also save you more money!


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