Leave a Google review and win shopping vouchers!

1 Minute & 4 Simple Steps = Bonus dollars for shopping!! 

In just 4 simple steps that take only less than a minute, earn extra dollars to shop in VY Beauty Store!

Follow the steps below to write a product review, upload photos of the product in use, or before-and-after photos of the product's effects on the designated Google page.

Once approved, you will receive your extra dollars in the form of shopping voucher! (Wow!)

1. Log in your Google account

2. Tap https://g.page/r/CeLlxnp92EjwEBM/review and leave us a review

3. Share with us a screenshot of your review and provide your member email to us (remember to create a member account first to avoid delays!).

4. Get your shopping voucher!


How many vouchers can I have?

  • Pure text review (at least 30 words): HK$50 shopping voucher
  • Text review (at least 30 words) + photo of using the product: HK$200 shopping voucher
  • Text review (at least 50 words) + before-and-after photos: HK$600 shopping voucher
    (Tips: You don't have to show your face. You can participate even if you don't show your face!)

  • Follow us on both Facebook and Instagram, take a screenshot, and send it to us for an extra HK$50 shopping voucher!
  • The best review selected by Vivien will receive an additional HK$1,800 shopping voucher! (One winner per month)

In other words, if you provide a before-and-after comparison photo, a review, follow our FB page and IG, and are lucky enough to be selected by Vivien, you can receive a shopping voucher valued at HK$2,450!! (Woah!!!)


Click here to join!


Event Terms and Conditions

  • Reviews must be in Chinese or English.
  • Reviews of any of our products are eligible for this event.
  • There is no time limit on orders (orders placed since 2014 can participate in the event!).
  • Reviews must be posted on the designated page of this event.
  • Shopping vouchers can only be used to deduct the purchase price and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other forms of assets.
  • Distributed shopping vouchers cannot be transferred to other member accounts.
  • Shopping vouchers can be used on VY Beauty Store's online shop (https://vivienyeobeautystore.com/). (Shopping vouchers are not applicable to offline stores or self pick-up points)
  • One account and one member can only redeem one shopping voucher.
  • If a customer requires delivery to Malaysia or Singapore, the shopping voucher will be converted into shopping vouchers of the  equivalent local currency and sent to the member account of the local website (Malaysia: RM | Singapore: RM or SGD).
  • The shopping vouchers distributed in this event have no expiration date.
  • This event will distribute a total of HK$100,000 in shopping credit, while supplies last.
  • If there is no best review of the month, VY Beauty Store reserves the right not to distribute additional shopping vouchers without further notice.
  • After approval, shopping vouchers will be deposited into the designated member account within 7 working days.
  • For those who participate in this event, this website has the right to excerpt the review content for other purposes.
  • No minimum purchase threshold for shopping vouchers.
  • If the checkout amount does not reach the free shipping threshold, the customer will be responsible for the shipping fee.
  • The website administrator has the final decision on whether to distribute shopping vouchers based on the quality of the review content  (the reasons for disapproval may be due to insufficient content length, copying others' comments and pasting them as their own content, false contentinappropriate language, using photos from other customers, etc. These contents will not pass the review and no further notice shall be given).
  • Our team will randomly check reviews and cross-check with member account status. If we find that a customer has deleted their review after receiving shopping credit, they may be disqualified from participating in future events at our store.
  • VY Beauty Store has the final interpretation right for this event.