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  • 12 sachets each box

  • Suitable for people who have failed to lose weight by exercising and dieting / who are prone to obesity
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1 sachet daily or every two days, consume right after meal. Mix with 50-100 ml room temperature water according to personal preference. Consume with Step 1,2,3,4 to achieve the best result.

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1 Minute Introduction

Starch Test

Solid Fat Test

 Hidden Fat Test

Bubble Tea Test

Oil Test

Protein Test



12 sachets per box.
Our products are drinks but not drugs, so you could consume as normal during menstruation.

Our products are not drugs. Incorrect consumption pattern or missing out any steps won't cause ay adverse effects, just adjust it back next time would be fine. After all, each step has different effects, so it is best to follow the correct drinking time.

Step 1 kiwi

Step 2 lychee

Step 3 grape

Step 4 peach

Pro-Actizyme lemon

Sure, but please make sure that there is at least 30 minutes interval in between the slimming drinks and tea/ coffee.


1. People who are pregnant, planning for pregnancy, breast-feeding for babies, taking medications or have stomachache are not recommended to consume this product, or consult your healthcare professional or doctor before taking this product. 2. This product series (except for Step 2 and Pro-ACTIZYME) contains green tea extract, Brazilian cacao extract, green coffee bean extract, etc., which contain trace amounts of caffeine ingredients. People who are allergic to tea/caffeine should avoid drinking it, or consult a health consultant before drinking. 3. Effect varies from person to person.

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