[Before and after Photo included] Weight loss plan also needs to be customized! How did Miss J get rid of her stubborn fat?


Miss J shared that she had tried various diet plans for weight loss for caloric deficite or ways like slimpatch, slim tea, weight loss foods etc. in the past, but the biggest problem was that she couldn't stick to them. She found the weight-loss journey to be too challenging.

As a result, she continued to search for some "easier" weight-loss methods and stumbled upon the CM LESS PERFECT BODY flagship weight-loss drink recommended by Vivien Yeo.

She saw that many customers gave positive feedback about drinking Vivien Yeo's CM LESS PERFECT BODY, which did not require strict dieting or excessive exercise.

Additionally, the product contained all-natural ingredients without western medicine, and she could see results by following the schedule.

After understanding Miss J's situation and concerns, we recommended that she try the INTENSE PLUS ++ set. This set is special because it includes four boxes of "oil-absorbing miracle" STEP 3, which is particularly effective for weight loss! (Miss J is a foodie and loves to eat a lot!)

After just one and a half months of drinking the product, Miss J successfully lost 6.8 kilograms! She went from 79.8 kilograms to 73 kilograms, and her big belly became noticeably thinner and less protruding. Even her stubborn thigh circumference reduced, and she could wear her favorite denim shorts again with a slightly looser fit.

Miss J's drinking method:

During the period of drinking PERFECT BODY, Miss J's eating habits did not change significantly. She only drank STEP 3 after lunch and dinner every day to avoid absorbing too much oil and starch from the food.

She also drank STEP 2 before dinner if she felt that the portion was not sufficient to increase the feeling of fullness. STEP 1 was consumed every other day to develop a habit of regular detoxification and to clear waste from the body.

Miss J described this series of weight-loss drinks as "humanized" because it can solve her weight-loss concerns and problems, and she can drink them according to her individual needs.

She thinks this is great! Targeted solutions are the key to effective weight loss and avoiding rebounding!

What's Intense Plus++? What made it so effective?

Intense Plus++ is the best-selling slimming drink set in the CM Less slimming series. The formula for the CM Less slimming drinks contains patented ingredients at the national level, carefully formulated according to the physique and dietary habits of Asian people.

The set consists of 5 different slimming drinks, each with a specific function to solve different slimming problems.

Cleatox's Features

Drink in the morning or before bed to enhance the body's ability to clear toxins and stool.

X2-S's Features

Drink before meals to form a protective film that prevents fat formation and reduces sugar absorption.

SHAPE's Features

Drink during meals to absorb the oil from the food and prevent carbohydrates from turning into glucose, while also increasing fat burning speed.

Puf-X's Features

Simulates the lymphatic system to improve the body's water metabolism, flush out excess fluids, and achieve edema reduction

Pro-Actizyme's Features

Increases the supply of good bacteria in the body and reduces the number of bad bacteria, restoring the body's basic metabolic rate when young.


You can choose to use the single product that suits you or try using the set to start slimming. But we'll let you in on a little secret: many of our customers couldn't resist ordering the set after trying the single product! Not only is it effective, but it's also save you more money!


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