How to lose 1 kg per month? Try this and see the result.


When people want to lose weight, they usually try various methods such as dieting, exercising, or even taking weight loss pills. However, these methods may not be suitable for everyone, and some methods may even be harmful to the body.

We have recently received a letter from Ms. Y. She is a dedicated user of the CM LESS slimming series and has been using it for a year.

Ms. Y has lost 12 kilograms (about 26.26 pounds) in the last year. This is a significant amount of weight! 

Can you imagine how much fat Ms. Y has shed during this period? It's really as if she used a shovel to describe it! This result is really incredible! 

To share her before-and-after results with everyone, Ms. Y deliberately wore the same dress to take photos. You can see that the effect is very obvious!  😎

✅ The excess flesh on the waist side has been greatly reduced.

✅ The belly fat has diminished.

✅ The problem of false hip width has been successfully resolved.

✅ The line of the shoulders has started to appear.

✅ Achieved the coveted S-line body shape.

This is reminiscent of a saying. It is possible to achieve a slim, toned body.

The right weight loss method is key. There are many quick weight loss methods on the market, but only our weight loss products have the best effects! Don't take weight loss pills anymore, as they can harm the body.

Ms. Y does not calculate her caloric deficite (i.e. eating fewer calories) or monitor every bite of food she eats. Instead, she drinks CM LESS products according to her needs.

For example, if she eats oily food for dinner, she will use Step 3 (SHAPE). If she wants to eat sweets or anything with added sugar, she will drink Step 2 (X2-S) in advance.

She feels confident consuming STEP 1, 2, 3, 4, and Pro-Actizyme. This is because they do not contain 315 common Western medicines, laxatives, or harmful ingredients.

Taking slimming pills, weight loss drugs or other weight loss medication can cause harm or adverse effects. Slimming treatments can also be expensive. This solution does not have such risks and is more cost-effective. 

CM Less slimming products and weight loss supplements have been verified by an independent laboratory. This laboratory is recognized by the Hong Kong government. This gives the user increased confidence when using CM Less products.

Editor's comment: Ms. Y's use of CM LESS is very wise! Because this weight loss product can choose different formulas according to needs to achieve the best weight loss effect. (Random drinking and not following the time instructions may have some effect, but it will greatly discount the effect!)

Why do we say that? 

When she consumes oily foods, Step 3 (SHAPE) can help reduce the body's fat absorption. It can also help excrete the fat.

If she wishes to eat sweets, Step 2 (X2-S) can be drunk beforehand to create a protective film. This film prevents the fat formation and reduces sugar absorption. She never count every number of calories for her meal.

(💁 Editor's weight loss tips: Everyone's physical condition is different, so the effect varies from person to person! It is recommended to combine the best slimming products with a healthy diet and exercise to achieve greater weight loss. This combination is the most effective way to reach your goals.

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What's Intense Plus++?

Intense Plus++ is the best-selling slimming drink set in the CM Less slimming series. The CM Less slimming drinks formula contains patented ingredients. It has been carefully formulated at the national level, taking into account the physique and dietary habits of Asian people.

This weight loss plan contains five drinks. Each drink has a purpose to address different slimming issues.

✅ Sold over 5 million packages

✅ Recommended by multiple celebrities

✅ In the highly competitive weight loss supplement market for over 7 years

✅ The company that distributes the product is a legal entity and not an unregistered business or individual of unknown identity

✅ All products are individually packaged for hygiene and peace of mind

✅ Produced by HACCP and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer

✅ Each box clearly labels all ingredients, patent numbers, and has a nutritional label

Intense Plus

Cleatox's Features

Cleatox uses a high-concentration formula made from a variety of natural and patented ingredients, aimed at enhancing the body's detoxification.

FIBERSOL is a patented water-soluble dietary fiber. It has been certified as a health food by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. It can absorb water in the intestine, nourishing beneficial bacteria. This increases the volume and softness of the intestine, leading to more regular bowel movements.

Another patented ingredient, Litesse prebiotic, can promote intestinal health and is helpful for detoxification and weight loss. The green tea extract in Cleatox further enhanced the effect of these patented ingredients.

Consuming Cleatox in the morning or before bedtime can enhance the body's ability to detoxify and eliminate toxins.

X2-S's Features

Take it 30 minutes before meals. It forms a protective film on the stomach lining. This film prevents fat from forming. It also reduces the absorption of sugar.

The patented ingredient Citrin®-K can increase the body's utilization of glucose. It can also promote the synthesis and storage of glycogen. This reduces the body's demand for and intake of glucose.

This effect can reduce glucose conversion into fat. Therefore, it can limit fat and weight gain.

SHAPE's Features

SHAPE uses a formula with dual patented ingredients from multiple countries. Prom-Oat® is a natural ingredient extracted from oat β-glucan.

This ingredient can absorb fat. It can also absorb and excrete oil from a meal. This reduces the amount of fat the body absorbs, leading to weight loss.

Phase2® is a patented ingredient in SHAPE. It is an extract from white kidney beans. This extract can inhibit the activity of α-amylase. As a result, carbohydrates are prevented from being converted into glucose.

This can reduce the body's absorption of carbohydrates, thereby reducing the body's calorie intake and achieving a weight loss effect.

Drinking SHAPE during meals helps absorb the oil. This prevents carbohydrates from turning into glucose. It also boosts fat burning.

Puf-X's Features

Lymphatic drainage methods can be harmful to the lymphatic system if they are too strong or incorrect. This includes the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes. Improper drainage can lead to lymphatic circulation disorders or other issues.

Reducing swelling can be difficult to achieve without the right massage. You may be concerned about finding an unprofessional masseuse or fear pain. PUF-X is an ideal drink to reduce swelling without any of these worries.

PUF-X uses the French patented herbal ingredient ELIMREAL®. Promoting the flow of lymphatic circulation can increase the contraction force of lymphatic vessels. This accelerates the excretion of liquids and waste, reducing swelling.

PUF-X can promote blood circulation and increase the flow of microcirculation. It also boosts the body's metabolic rate and accelerates its metabolic process. Lastly, it helps to excrete waste and excess fluids, reducing swelling and bloating.

PUF-X can simulate the principle of lymphatic drainage. This improves the body's overall fluid metabolism and flushes out excess fluids. This helps to reduce swelling.

Pro-Actizyme's Features

Taking Pro-Actizyme can help the body boost metabolism. It contains a blend of digestive enzymes. This helps the body break down and digest food more efficiently.

Digestive enzymes are essential for the proper breakdown and absorption of nutrients from food. Pro-Actizyme offers support for healthy digestion. It provides the body with enzymes that aid in breaking down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Having a healthy digestive system can benefit our overall health and wellness. It can improve nutrient absorption and reduce digestive discomfort. Pro-Actizyme can help support a healthy digestive system and promote optimal nutrient absorption.

Stop counting number of daily calories and drink CM Less Intense Plus++ from today!


You can choose to use the single product that suits you or try using the set to start slimming. We have a secret to share. Many customers have tried a single product and couldn't help but order the set.

Not only is it effective, but it's also save you more money!

Advise from Editor - How to seize the effect from the very best weight loss supplement (inspired from customer's Feedback!)

1⃣ Step1234 and Pro-Actizyme are not medications, so it's okay if you forget or drink them at the wrong time. They won't cause any adverse reactions in the body, and you can always adjust back to the right schedule.

After all, each Step has a different weight loss effect, so it's best to follow the correct drinking time.

2⃣ Miss Y took photos wearing the same clothes before and after her weight loss. This can show more intuitively the changes in her body shape and the effect of her weight loss.

The body weight scale sometimes only shows the loss of water and toxins. Eating more or less can also affect the data. To see the effect of weight loss, taking pictures and looking in the mirror, like Miss Y, is more accurate!

3⃣ Different clothing and colors may have different effects on the appearance of the body. It is beneficial to wear the same clothes during weight loss. This eliminates distractions and helps you understand the changes in your body.

Additionally, it helps you understand the results of your weight loss journey. 😜


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