K.O. "Love handles" with this easy and painless weight loss tips! |Weight Loss Expert


"Having excess fat around the belly and waist is so annoying!! 😢😢" Many of us who wants a slim waist or slim body might have said this statement while staring at our "love handles" every day. I, myself, am one of them, and I always silently think about how to get rid of them!

However, I suggest that we should not pursue low body weight but improve our body shape in a ✅healthy way!

Ms. Y's perfectly proves my point. She started using the CM LESS Slimming Series a month ago and, although her weight only dropped by 1.7kg (about 3.75 pounds), she successfully got rid of her stubborn belly fat 😍 and regained a flat tummy effortlessly without dieting or exercising. (But I still recommend that you maintain moderate exercise for better results 😎😎!)

Want to learn more? Let me introduce the Intense Plus++ series, which includes a complete set of bowel movements, carb blocking, fat burning, water draining, and metabolic enhancement. Health and safety should be the top priority when consuming products.

The CM LESS Slimming Series has been independently tested and verified by the Hong Kong government, and does not contain 315 common western medicines or laxatives.

Ms. Y is holding STEP 4 - Puf-X, which is specially designed for anyone who have swollen faces or feet. The formula uses patented ingredients from France and the United States 👨‍🔬 to quickly expel excess waste water and improve blood circulation 🌪.

When I wake up with a swollen face, I habitually take out a pack of STEP 4 from the drawer and drink it with water. The most important thing is that it works instantly every time, and I regain my slim face in no time!

If you want to experience the magical effect of instant water drainage, I highly recommend you to buy this ⭐Water Retention Savior⭐!

What's Intense Plus++?

Intense Plus++ is the best-selling slimming drink set in the CM Less slimming series. The formula for the CM Less slimming drinks contains patented ingredients at the national level, carefully formulated according to the physique and dietary habits of Asian people.

The set consists of 5 different slimming drinks, each with a specific function to solve different slimming problems.

Cleatox's Features

Drink in the morning or before bed to enhance the body's ability to clear toxins and stool.

X2-S's Features

Drink before meals to form a protective film that prevents fat formation and reduces sugar absorption.

SHAPE's Features

Drink during meals to absorb the oil from the food and prevent carbohydrates from turning into glucose, while also increasing fat burning speed.

Puf-X's Features

Simulates the lymphatic system to improve the body's water metabolism, flush out excess fluids, and achieve edema reduction

Pro-Actizyme's Features

Increases the supply of good bacteria in the body and reduces the number of bad bacteria, restoring the body's basic metabolic rate when young.


You can choose to use the single product that suits you or try using the set to start slimming. But we'll let you in on a little secret: many of our customers couldn't resist ordering the set after trying the single product! Not only is it effective, but it's also save you more money!


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